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2019 Annual Gathering LDWs

In conjunction with the sun and fun of Annual Gathering, Local Group volunteers teamed up with National Office staffers to co-present Leadership Development Workshops on a range of subjects. Collected below are some of the professional best practices volunteers and staffers alike use to grow healthy, involved local groups.

Mensa 101/The Basics of Mensa
Lori Norris, John Neemidge

Learn about the history of Mensa, the organizational structure (local, national, and international), be introduced to the Mensa Foundation, get a grip on some Mensa lingo. Hear about some of the benefits of membership.

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Cultural Competency vs. Cultural Humility
Lora Mitchell

With the complexity of a multicultural society, it is important to gain more than factual knowledge about groups of people who are different from ourselves. But how do we do that? This talk will explore the role that cultural humility takes in the journey of cultural competency and encourage attendees to understand the relationship between understanding themselves and understanding others.

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Exploiting the Internet: A Strategic Approach
Rich Olcott, Scott Snider

Some people love the internet, other people have other things to do with their lives, but every Local Group can benefit from capabilities that the internet has on offer. During this session we’ll look at some of those capabilities from the LG leader’s perspective — how we can use the internet to further our groups’ cohesiveness and our members’ happiness with the Mensa experience. You should leave this session better able to guide your webmaster/social media person toward the most fruitful use of their volunteer time.

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Being Assertive in Dealing with Problem Members
Jon Gruebele

High IQ doesn’t always correlate with awesome social skills. What’s an event host to do when someone does something they shouldn’t? When behaviors cause issues, intervening can be challenging. Having a few strategies ready can be a big help. We’ll also discuss what can be done should recommended improvements go unheeded. Let’s all do what we can to ensure Mensa events are enjoyable for everyone!

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International Gifted Youth Programs
Jenny Wise

In 2018, Jenny represented the Mensa Foundation at the International Board of Director’s meeting. She was amazed at hearing some of the programs other national Mensas have established to engage gifted youth, senior citizens, and the general public. She has begun gathering information on these programs and is looking forward to sharing them.

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National Office Resources: How Can We Help You?
John Voymas, Matthew Needham

Are you fully utilizing the tools, reports, and support that the National Office has available? Join members of the National Office staff for a quick overview of the resources available to Local Group leaders and then … let’s talk. Bring us your questions and suggestions about how we can support your role in your Local Group.

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How to Make Robert’s Rules Work for You
Jason Seiler

Robert’s Rules of Order were created to ensure that meetings ran smoothly and efficiently, that everyone’s rights were protected, and that the end result matched the intent of the group. Come attend a primer on Robert’s Rules, broken down into easy to grasp concepts, and learn how to make your meetings faster, better, and more equitable.

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Running Regional Gatherings
Lacee Hudec

Lacee has served in multiple capacities at WeeM, as a host for Mind Games, and as a volunteer at multiple AGs. She has seen and heard a lot regarding the ins and outs about coordinating a successful event. Bring your questions and your experiences to this lively discussion that will help give you the tools to host a successful event with your Local Group.

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This Job Is for the Birds
Jean Becker Ph.D.

Finding members willing to volunteer and become officers is an ongoing challenge for most organizations, and Mensa is no exception. Analyzing the job to be done and identifying what type of personality is a good match greatly increases the probability that the job will be done well and that the member will be happy to continue to be an active contributor in the Local Group. Dr. Becker will lead the group in a lighthearted exercise to identify and learn about four personality types and recognize common volunteer jobs that are a good fit for each type.

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Bill Zigo, Nancy Farrar

Learn more about how SIGHT (Service of Information, Guidance, and Hospitality to Travelers) works, how to use it to travel around the U.S. or world, how to be a SIGHT host, and how to become a SIGHT coordinator. What are SIGs? What purpose do they serve within the greater American Mensa/global Mensa communities? How do you start one? What’s involved with being a SIG Coordinator? These, and other questions, will be answered.

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