Welcome to Mensa!

We hope you'll find this primer helpful as you navigate Mensa and connect with other Mensans like you! We've covered a number of useful topics, including dues rates, governance and policies, and short descriptions of our available publications.

Also, we've included information on the organization written by other members so that you have firsthand knowledge of what to expect.

By all means, contact your Local Secretary or local Membership Officer if you have questions about your Local Group and getting involved. If you have questions about your membership or have suggestions for this primer, feel free to let us know.

Nobody's perfect

Just what is a typical Mensan like? You should expect something bigger than life. Here are one member's suggestions for how to jump in and get to know your fellow Mensans.

A special note to new members

There are two basic approaches to becoming active in Mensa: the introvert's or extrovert's approach. We invite you to take either one or a combination of the two.


Information about our dues rates and proration, additional family member discounts, life dues, and membership renewal procedures.


Learn all about Mensa's gatherings: types, attendance tips, hotel information, what to expect, and how to plan ahead for the best time.


Get information about American Mensa's geography including its regions and Local Groups.


Get information about how American Mensa is governed at the national and local level.

Help your group

Here are 11 easy things and one harder one all members can do to help their local Mensa groups — as written by a local officer.

By Ruth Parvin
Local Groups

In geographic terms, the most tangible thing your Mensa membership offers is contact with other members through your Local Group. We know that joining this Mensa family will be one of your most rewarding intellectual and social experiences.

Member benefits

American Mensa offers a number of benefits and services to its members, and often members are able to offset their annual dues through the discounts provided by our providers.

Mensa Foundation

Human intelligence is the world's most important resource. The Mensa Foundation is dedicated to nurturing and protecting that resource through its programs and events.