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American Mensa's dues structure

By accepting membership in American Mensa, members agree to abide by all the requirements of the Constitution of Mensa, the Bylaws of American Mensa, Ltd., and the resolutions adopted by the American Mensa Committee, as required by section III.C.1.a. of the Constitution of Mensa.

Dues rates

Membership dues rates are as follows:

Membership Type Price
Primary family member $107
Additional family member $72
Three-year membership $290
Five-year membership $475
Life membership See schedule

Additional Mensan family discounts

Memberships for additional family members are available for $72 per membership and may only be purchased in single-year increments. Additional family memberships do not include print subscriptions to the Mensa Bulletin or to Local Group newsletters (digital versions of both are available online, however). Additional family members must live in the same household as the primary member and be members of the same Local Group.

Dues discounts and proration

American Mensa does not currently offer a discounted dues program, but joining members and members who’ve lapsed their memberships for more than one year will have their dues prorated, depending on when during the fiscal year they join. There is no proration in the last three months of the membership year because dues during those months include the next membership year.

Month Annual Membership Add'l Family Membership Three-year Membership Five-year Membership
April $107 $72 $290 $475
May $98.08 $66 $281.94 $467.08
June $89.17 $60 $273.89 $459.17
July $80.25 $54 $265.83 $451.25
August $71.33 $48 $257.78 $443.33
September $62.42 $42 $249.72 $435.42
October $53.50 $36 $241.67 $427.50
November $44.58 $30 $233.61 $419.58
December $35.67 $24 $225.56 $411.67
January $107 $72 $290 $475
February $107 $72 $290 $475
March $107 $72 $290 $475

Life dues

Life Membership rates will be assigned based on birth date on file with the National Office. If we do not have birth date on file, we will request documentation in the form of a copy of your birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license.

Current Age Price
0-9 $2,246
10-14 $2,182
15-19 $2,154
20-24 $2,120
25-29 $2,049
30-34 $2,002
35-39 $1,916
40-44 $1,823
45-49 $1,718
50-54 $1,599
55-59 $1,466
60-64 $1,302
65-69 $1,129
70-74 $948
75-79 $763
80-84 $576
85-89 $414
90-94 $283
95-99 $199
100+ $155

If you have any further questions about the calculation of dues payments or multi-year plans, please email Member Services.

Renewing your membership

If your membership is due to expire as of March 31, expect to receive your dues renewal bill in late December or early January. If you do not receive your bill, we may not have your current address.

Restoring back years of membership

Members may restore missing years from their membership to maintain their original join date through the Continuous Membership Buyback Program. The CMBP allows members to reinstate lapsed years by making a payment equal to the current annual dues rate multiplied by the number of years to be regained.

Membership and taxes

American Mensa is a 501(c)(4) organization; dues are not deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes. Please consult your tax adviser to determine whether any amount may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

The Mensa Education & Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Charitable donations to the Mensa Foundation are tax deductible and are unrelated to Mensa membership.