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Continuous Membership Buyback Program

Life happens, sometimes resulting in lapses in membership. Now members have a way to restore those missed years for a record of continuous membership.

The Continuous Membership Buyback Program (CMBP) was created in response to the many member requests for a way to address a lapse and maintain their original join date.

Years of membership in American Mensa is based on continuous years of dues payment. The CMBP allows members to reinstate those lapsed years by making a payment equal to the current annual dues rate multiplied by the number of years to be regained.

How the program works

  • Members may buy back missed years for a single gap in membership. That gap must be within five years of their rejoin date and must be a gap of five years or fewer.
  • Members may not buy back more years than they have fulfilled as dues-paying members. For example, a member who joined in 2015, lapsed on March 31, 2016, then rejoined in 2020 would have two years of active membership: 2015-16 and 2020-21. For that example, the member’s gap from 2016 to 2020 would be a longer time period than the two years they were a member, meaning he could buy back only two of the four years missed.
  • Beyond reinstatement of continuous membership years, no additional services for missed years will be provided.

Note: The Continuous Membership Buyback Program will restore previous years of lapsed membership and is not meant for lapsed members trying to rejoin Mensa. Completion of this program does not include dues for the current membership year. Click here to rejoin Mensa.

To apply for the Continuous Membership Buyback Program, please fill out the form below.