Mensa Math & Logic Puzzles
by Dave Tuller & Michael Rios

Join the ranks of the geniuses and leave behind the merely brilliant! Try to figure out 20 tough types of puzzles like the ones found at international puzzle competitions. These puzzles require no verbal skills to solve; you just need your logical brain. How hard can they be? Simple arithmetic, a sharp pencil (with a full eraser) and paying close, close attention are all you need. Follow the twisting paths made by worms crawling across triangular grids. Forecast weather patterns by detecting rain cloud patterns in a numbered diagram. Find lost fleets of ships in grids where only a few different shapes are visible. Rearrange dominoes according to a diagram; the problem is, the edges of the tiles have been removed. More fun awaits you with hex loops, skyscrapers, lighthouses and other suddenly fiendish objects.  Buy this book now!