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CultureQuest® XXXV Contest Rules & Registration

Following are the official CultureQuest XXXV rules, including information on player eligibility, entry fees, contest procedures, and more.

Registration is Now Closed

Contest procedures

CultureQuest XXXV will take place virtually. The morning of the quiz, Team Captains will be emailed a link we’ll use to collect answers and an additional PDF copy of the quiz for reference. Only your Team Captain should open the quiz.

The PDF containing the quiz questions must not be opened until the contest starting time. Starting times will be staggered — 1 p.m. Pacific time, 2 p.m. Mountain time, 3 p.m. Central time, 4 p.m. Eastern time, and 5 p.m. Atlantic time — so all teams will take the test simultaneously. Teams from other time zones will need to make special arrangements with the CQ XXXV Coordinator.

The specified time limit for taking the test must strictly be adhered to. Teams will have 90 minutes to complete the quiz and must stop after time is expired. If team members cannot agree on an answer, the Team Captain shall rule on which answer to submit.

Teams will then have an additional 60 minutes to enter their answers into the official online quiz submission form. The 60 minute period is for submitting answers only and not for additional quiz taking. A team alternate may keep time, but participation by, assistance from, or the recording of answers from anyone other than the five test-takers is prohibited and will disqualify the team’s entry.

No reference materials or search engines of any sort may be used or consulted during the quiz. All maps, charts, calculators, measuring devices, and other reference materials (with the exception of simple timekeeping devices) must be removed from the test site.

Team safety

Teams may choose whether to gather in-person or virtually to complete the quiz based on their own comfort level. If a team prefers to meet virtually, they may complete the exam using the online meeting platform of their choice.

Note: Some video conferencing platforms have time limits on free accounts (e.g. Zoom’s free tier has a 40-minute max on group meetings), so you should take care to ensure your team has something in place that will allow you the necessary time to complete the exam.


Teams may consist of up to five primary players and up to two alternates. Team members need not be from the same Mensa Local Group, but any prize money awarded will be paid to the Team Captain’s Local Group.

Should one of your primary team members be unable to compete, only a predesignated alternate may substitute for that primary team member. No substitutions may be made once the competition has begun.

The national membership roster as of 12:01 a.m. on April 1, 2024, will be used to determine the eligibility of each team member. Ineligible team members will be removed from the team and will not be eligible to play. If an ineligible team member plays, this will disqualify the whole team. Teams cannot replace a team member after April 14, 2024.

CultureQuest: Classic is open to all members regardless of age. Each team member must be a dues-paid Mensa member (U.S. or Canada) for the 2024-25 membership year and must be renewed before April 1, 2024.

CultureQuest: The Next Generation is the Youth Division. All persons playing on a Next Generation team must have been born on or after May 1, 2006. Only the Youth Division team captain must be a current Mensa member; Mensa membership is not necessary for a non-captained player.

Entry fees

The entry fee is $50 per U.S. team and $55 (U.S.) per Canadian team is payable at the time of registration. Entry fees must be submitted with the team’s registration and must be received by 11:59 p.m. Central time March 31, 2024. Late registrants will not be accepted.

Entry fees must be submitted with the team’s registration and must be received by 11:59 p.m., Central time, March 31. Late registrants will not be accepted.

Winners and prize money

Prizes will be awarded to the 20 teams with the highest scores for the Classic Division and to the top team from the Next Generation Division. The dollar amount of each award will be determined by the total number of entrants. Winners will be announced in the Mensa Wired newsletter, the Mensa Bulletin, and here on our website.

Important Deadlines & Dates

March 31: Entry fee and complete team roster must be received
April 14: Last Day to add/drop team members
April 28: CultureQuest XXXV!
May 22: Corrected tests and scores sent to Team Captains
June 5: Challenges must be received
June 12: Challenge rulings returned to teams
July 16: Winners announced in Mensa Wired