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Please note that American Mensa cannot test anyone who is not at least 14 years of age on the date of the test; however, they may submit prior evidence for membership. We also offer a battery of culture-fair, non-language tests. The test fee is $60.

Further, please note that individuals can only take a test or test battery once unless American Mensa's Supervisory Psychologist provides an allowance for circumstantial reasons. Individuals who have taken a test or test battery and did not meet the requirement to join are encouraged to take another battery or submit evidence of prior testing.

It is important to note that the tests are given for the purpose of admission into Mensa and not to quantify intelligence. A qualifying score indicates that you've tested at, or better than, 98 percent of the general population. Get more information on how to interpret your score on the Mensa Admission Test.

If you are not living in the United States and would like to pursue testing in another country, please visit the Mensa International site for information on other national Mensas.

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