Locate your test scores

American Mensa accepts the results of about 200 standardized intelligence tests as qualifying evidence for membership. If you’ve taken any of these tests in the past and scored in the top 2 percent, you don't need to qualify again on another test. Tracking down your test scores is fairly simple.

Track down your scores from

Elementary through high school | College or university | Other testing agencies

Scores from your elementary, junior high or high school

Regardless of other schools or districts you may have attended, the district where you graduated should have your school record on file. So call the administration office of the school district from which you graduated. Ask for the records or archives department, and then ask them how to obtain a copy of your complete school record with your test scores included.

Your records must arrive at the American Mensa office in an envelope sealed by the district, so have them provide you the records in a sealed envelope and then send that envelope, unopened, to American Mensa, or have the district send the records directly to American Mensa in the sealed envelope. If you’d like a copy of your records to keep for yourself, you’ll need to order two copies. Some districts charge a fee, usually in the $3 to $5 range, for copying records.

College admission scores such as the SAT, ACT, GRE or GMAT

Your college record will often include these scores. Call the Registrar's Office of the college or university where you attended or graduated; tell them you need a copy of any test scores in your file.

American Mensa will accept either an official transcript or a letter signed by a school administrator. Therefore, the Registrar may write a letter to Mensa that states your file indicates you made a certain score on a certain test, or they may copy the relevant page(s) of your file. Have the Registrar provide the paperwork to you in a sealed envelope and then send that envelope, unopened, to American Mensa, or have them send the sealed envelope directly to American Mensa.

Scores from other testing agencies

See our Test Scores FAQ for information on most of the common testing agencies. The question "Where do I find my old test scores?" offers instructions on how to obtain scores from various agencies.

Once you have your scores, send them to our office in an unopened envelope, or have them sent directly to:

American Mensa
Attn: Testing Evaluation
1229 Corporate Dr. W
Arlington TX 76006-6103

You’ll also need to create an account and pay the score evaluation fee.

Note: Due to changes made to these tests over their histories, American Mensa does not accept the results of the SAT if taken after Jan. 31, 1994; the ACT if taken after September 1989; or the GRE if taken after September 2001. Get more information on common qualifying scores.