Qualifying score FAQ

What are some of the tests accepted for admission into American Mensa?

We accept approximately 200 different test scores for Mensa membership. We do not, however, accept tests of achievement, such as the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills and the California Tests of Basic Skills. Generally, we accept tests that measure aptitude or ability. Since this list is constantly changing as more tests are developed and reviewed, we do not have a complete list available. If your test is not listed, please contact our Admissions Department.

Please note that, in order for scores to be accepted for Mensa membership, tests must be administered by a neutral and qualified third party in a traditional testing environment under conditions appropriate for the norming standards of each test (such as the classroom of a certified school teacher or a private psychologist).

Where can I find my old scores?

You may be able to get original copies of your test scores by contacting one of the following agencies:

GMAT: Graduate Management Admission Council, 1600 Tysons Blvd. Ste. 1400, McLean, VA 22102; 866-505-6559; gmac.com

GRE: Educational Testing Service, PO Box 592, Princeton NJ 08540; 609-921-9000; ets.org

SAT: SAT Program, College Board, P.O. Box 8057, Mt. Vernon, IL 62864; collegeboard.com

ACT: American College Testing, PO Box 168, Iowa City IA 55240; act.org

LSAT: LSAC, Box 2000-T, Newtown PA 18940; lsac.org

AGCT, GT, NGCT, GCT: National Personnel Records Center, attn: Military Personnel Records, 9700 Page Blvd., St. Louis MO 63132; archives.gov/st-louis/military-personnel

Miller Analogy (MAT): Psychological Corporation, 555 Academic Cir., San Antonio TX 78204; 800-622-3231; pearsonassessments.com

It has been a long time. Are my scores still acceptable?

Scores are acceptable forever as long as they meet the Mensa requirements.

What about SAT blended scores?

Mensa does not accept blended scores or those from more than one test administration.

How long does the evaluation process take?

Evaluation of prior test scores should only take two to four weeks. If it has been longer since you sent in your evidence of prior testing, please contact our Admissions Department.

Why do you take the top 5 percent on the GMAT?

This is because the sample — those taking the GMAT — is not a normally distributed sample. (They have probably completed three to four years of college.) The scores are adjusted to reflect this.

What is acceptable documentation?

If the test was administered by a school or school psychologist, the acceptable format is:

  • An original or notarized copy of the report from the school psychologist, on school district letterhead, signed by the psychologist; OR
  • An official school transcript (with the school seal or sealed in a school district envelope); OR
  • A letter from the school guidance office, on school letterhead, signed by an administrator.

If the test was given by an individual psychologist, the acceptable format is:

  • Documentation on psychologist, clinic or agency letterhead;
  • The candidate’s name;
  • The date of test;
  • The name of test;
  • The full scale IQ and percentile;
  • The original signature of the psychologist giving the test; AND
  • The inclusion of the psychologist’s license number.

If the test was given by the armed forces, the acceptable format is a notarized copy of the record or the record sent from the National Personnel Records Center.

How do I submit acceptable documentation?

To submit your past testing evidence, you have three options:

  1. Submit the original documentation yourself. If you would like the original returned, please include a SASE with your scores (otherwise, the documents will be shredded).
  2. Send us a notarized copy of the original documentation.
  3. Have the school or testing service send your scores directly to us. To protect your privacy, some testing services will only send test scores directly to you. In this case, have them send it to you and then mail it, unopened, to us.
I want to keep my originals. What if I want my documentation returned?

You have two choices:

  1. Send the original with a SASE so that we may return it to you (otherwise, the documents will be shredded); or
  2. Send in a notarized copy. Please have the notary write a jurat stating, “This is a true and exact copy of the original presented before me on this date.”
Where do I send my documentation?

Send your testing documentation by mail to:

American Mensa
Attn: Testing and Admissions Manager
P.O. Box 535129
Grand Prairie, TX 75053-5129
How will you match my documentation to my application when it arrives?

The name on the documentation must match the name on the application. If it is different for some reason, documentation must be included — for example, a notarized copy of a social security card, marriage license or court records to show a new married name. We will use any information in the documentation to attempt to locate an application. If no application is found, the documentation will be filed away by the last name on the documentation until we are informed an application has been submitted.