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Welcome to Mensa!

We hope you'll find this primer helpful as you navigate Mensa and connect with other Mensans like you! We've covered a number of useful topics, including dues rates, governance and policies, and short descriptions of our available publications.

Also, we've included information on the organization written by other members so that you have firsthand knowledge of what to expect.

By all means, contact your Local Secretary or local Membership Officer if you have questions about your Local Group and getting involved. If you have questions about your membership or have suggestions for this primer, feel free to let us know.

Mensa speak
Mensa speak

Mensans thrive on abbreviations and acronyms. Here are a few definitions that should immediately increase your comprehension of all things Mensa.

Mensa publications — read 'em and reap (the benefits)

Your Mensa membership includes four free publications to read at your leisure. Most are available to read online or download if that’s your preference. Also get information on mail delivery and updating your address.

Be a Mensa volunteer

Perhaps more than any similar organization, Mensa has a strong “do-it-yourself” philosophy. Its activities at every organizational level are directed by volunteers, and members are strongly encouraged to create and/or run any program or activity that sparks their enthusiasm.

Young Mensans
Young Mensans

Mensa membership is not limited or ordered in terms of age; Young Mensans are valuable members of the Mensa family. Get information about local and national opportunities.