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American Mensa Executive Director Announces Departure

  • Oct 17, 2017

Board set to meet Nov. 1 to map leadership transition

Arlington, Texas, Oct. 17, 2017 — After 20 years as American Mensa’s Executive Director, Pamela Donahoo has announced her resignation, effective Nov. 17, 2017, to accept the CEO position with another association.

During Donahoo's tenure, the organization has seen tremendous growth in membership and brand recognition. Mensa’s communication, web presence, testing program and national gatherings have all expanded to meet the changing needs and expectations of new generations of members.

Pamela Donahoo

"Every member of American Mensa has benefited from Pam's steady leadership, her commitment to innovation and improvement, and her desire to make all Mensans proud of their organization," said LaRae Bakerink, Chair of American Mensa.

"Mensa is going to miss Pam — and on a personal note, I’m going to miss her," Bakerink continued. "But it's a testament to her that Mensa's volunteers and staff are equipped to make the most of this change and positively move Mensa forward."

Also during Donahoo's tenure, the Mensa Foundation and American Mensa have expanded their joint reach, including the purchase of a headquarters in Arlington, Texas, the development of the website and the expansion of awards, education, and scholarship programs.

More recently, Donahoo directed the transition to a new technology infrastructure, adding value to member experience while also equipping the organization with the analytical tools for growth.

“This is certainly a bittersweet decision, but the time is right for both Mensa and me at this moment. Mensa’s board and staff leadership are in the perfect position to manage this transition with little disruption and continue the forward-thinking strategy that we’ve been focused on over the last few years," said Donahoo. "Many Mensa members have expressed that Mensa is their family of choice and I appreciate that on a personal level. I know that I will never work for an organization that provides the emotional attachment that I have for Mensa and its members."

The American Mensa Committee will hold a special meeting Nov. 1 to make plans for moving forward.

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