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American Mensa's Bulletin Celebrates 50 Years with Anthology Publication

  • Apr 25, 2016

Great Minds Think and Write

ARLINGTON, TEXAS, April 25, 2016 — The most brilliant writing from 50 years of American Mensa’s member magazine come together in a new, 100-page publication, Great Minds Think and Write: 50 Years of the Mensa Bulletin. The recently released coffee table-style book celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Bulletin with a handful of the best archives from each of the magazine’s five decades, including poignant personal essays, biting satire, interviews with famous Mensans, science and technology studies, and much more.

The previously published articles are paired with all-new, original art from Mensan illustrators, along with introductory overviews of the Bulletin’s different eras. The publication also features past letters to the editor and old classified advertisements that helped color the Bulletin's quirky history. And new compositions, including an essay from best-selling author and Mensan Nelson DeMille, preserve and define the magazine’s legacy.

In late-April, members of American Mensa received copies of Great Minds Think and Write free with their 2016-17 membership. Additional copies may be purchased, by Mensans and non-Mensans alike, for $9.95 (plus shipping and any applicable taxes). Bulk quantities are also available to local groups and National Mensas at a discounted rate.

For more information or to request a review copy of Great Minds Think and Write: 50 Years of the Mensa Bulletin, contact Chip Taulbee at 817-607-0060, ext. 5545 or BulletinEditor at, or contact Charles Brown at 817-607-0060, ext. 5512.

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