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Mensa Foundation Honors Dr. Ranko Rajovic with International Intellectual Benefits to Society Award

  • Sep 30, 2015

ARLINGTON, TEXAS, September 30th, 2015 — “The way children learn today is not in accordance with human physiology,” says Dr. Ranko Rajovic, this year’s winner of the Mensa Foundation’s International Intellectual Benefits to Society Award. He has authored a program that integrates play with learning for children with impulse-control issues, developmental disorders, and learning disabilities. An additional benefit of this program is its ability to identify gifted youth early in their development.

Focused on sensory-motor and cognitive development of children, this program has resulted in improvement of motor skills, physical agility and cognitive abilities. “Too few scientific discoveries find their way to practical application, says Dr. Rajovic. “The latest neuropsychological discoveries are insufficiently used and decades pass until scientific discoveries are applied in day-to-day work. What we must not forget is that during this time generations are growing up deprived of crucial assistance while alternatives lie at our fingertips.”

A partnership with UNICEF has helped bring the program to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it is active in 15 European countries. The current focus for Dr. Ranjovic’s work is publishing findings and research results as well as writing books targeted at parents and teachers. In addition to his work authoring this program, he is a lecturer at six universities in four countries.

“Intelligence is that much more valuable when it grows beyond theory and can be acted upon in practice,” said Foundation President Dave Remine. “We are incredibly pleased to present Dr. Rajovic with this award for his contributions that emulate what our organization believes in and supports.” The award is funded by Mensa International and the Mensa Foundation to recognize a specific accomplishment that benefits society.

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