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Mensa Foundation Recognizes Heuser Hearing Institute for Decades of Service

  • Sep 28, 2015

ARLINGTON, TEXAS, September 28th, 2015 — According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 37 percent of children with only minimal hearing loss fail at least one grade. Since 1948, the Heuser Hearing and Language Academy (HHLA) in Louisville, Ky., has been serving students with hearing loss and their families by providing education options, therapy options and other support. The Mensa Foundation selected the Heuser Hearing and Language Academy as the recipient of the Laura Joyner Award for outstanding work in the area of human intelligence.

HHLA’s well-rounded approach begins the moment that a child is diagnosed with hearing loss. A typical team from HHLA includes a master’s level deaf educator, an early interventionist, and a developmental interventionist. From speech therapy to music and play therapy, the child is immersed in programs that help emphasize language with the goal of integration into their neighborhood schools by first grade. “To say that HHLA furthers human intelligence, to me, is an understatement,” said HHLA Education Director Debra Woods. “What we do here is allow the child’s intelligence to not be hampered by their disability. Instead, it shines, and they become active members of their community. Often leaders!”

“HHLA is a great example of the spirit of this award,” said Foundation President Dave Remine. “They exemplify how important it is to nurture intelligence that improves the lives of those in our community in a real and meaningful manner.”

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