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Virginia Resident Appointed To Mensa Foundation Board

  • Nov 21, 2011

ARLINGTON, TEXAS, November 18th, 2011 —The Mensa Education and Research Foundation elected Dave Remine of Luray, Va., as its new President. Remine has been a member of American Mensa for 42 years, and he is the only member to have held the three highest leadership positions in Mensa.

In addition to becoming the President of the Mensa Foundation, he has served as the Chairperson for both American and International Mensa. “To have been selected by this group of individuals for my wisdom and leadership skills is quite an honor.” says Remine.

Remine is a retired electrical contractor with a love for travel and a deep connection to his fellow Mensa members. “I met my wife and many close friends here,” says Remine.” I even met Isaac Asimov through Mensa!" When asked about his goals as President, Remine says he would like to increase the public’s awareness of the Foundation as well as build upon existing programs while developing and making available new programs to the public. According to Remine, “Intelligence is a natural resource and too often we fail to utilize it to its fullest potential. Many gifted children are short-changed because it is assumed that they will be fine and that is not the case. They need help just as much as the child who is struggling academically. A number of school districts across the United States do not have the resources and programs necessary to help these children. The Foundation can help with a variety of resources including our “Mensa for Kids” Web site.”

The President acts as the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation and is charged with chairing and working with the board of trustees regarding the business of developing programs, scholarships, Colloquiums, and distribution of donations, as well as the execution of any contractual agreements. "We are pleased to have Mr. Remine as our President” says Jill Beckham, Foundation Director. "With his longtime dedication to Mensa and his passion about intelligence and education, Dave will be a successful leader for our organization."

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The Mensa Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization focused on intelligence and giftedness in the community at large. It's mission supports two of the three stated purposes shared by all Mensa organizations, to identify and foster intelligence for the benefit of humanity and to encourage research into the nature, characteristics, and uses of intelligence. The Mensa Foundation pursues these goals, in partnership with American Mensa and/or Mensa International where appropriate, with resources donated by Mensans and non-Mensans alike and aspire to use the intelligence of Mensans and non-Mensans to make the world a better place. For more information about the Mensa Foundation, visit or call (817) 607-5577.