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American Mensa's membership includes a wide spectrum of people with vibrant, eclectic interests — and of course, they are all highly intelligent. If you are interested in getting in touch with our members as a group, here are our available options.

Advertise in the <em>Mensa Bulletin</em>

American Mensa's membership magazine, the Mensa Bulletin, is vital, timely, interesting to read and topically important for our 57,000 members throughout the United States. When you connect with Mensa and our membership through advertising, you’re connecting to a group of people who are smart, savvy and inclined to try new things.

Direct contact
Direct contact

In today's competitive market for consumer attention, reaching the correct target audience is absolutely critical in finding the individuals most likely to be interested and respond to your product or service offer. American Mensa partners with a list rental firm, offering direct mail opportunities to a highly diverse and intelligent group of people.

Mensa Research Review
Research Review

American Mensa supports the scientific understanding of giftedness, intelligence, and related areas, and we recognize that access to our membership may be an important resource to scholars in those areas.


American Mensa is proud to offer a number of sponsorship opportunities for our events, publications and websites, and we strive to offer a wide range options for promotional budgets at all levels.