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Direct contact

In today's competitive market for consumer attention, reaching the correct target audience is absolutely critical in finding the individuals most likely to be interested and respond to your product or service offer.

With this in mind, American Mensa partners with a list rental firm, offering direct mail opportunities to a highly diverse and intelligent group of people. In turn, Mensa members who allow this contact benefit by receiving specific communications that may be of interest to smart and discerning consumers.

Companies interested in direct-mail contact with American Mensa members can request information via American Mensa's contracted list rental company in order to approach members who have indicated a preference for contact with external vendors via their membership profiles.

Messages are approved by American Mensa's Marketing and Executive Committees for one-time use per request, and our member data may not be resold or reused after the initial, approved request. American Mensa does not otherwise release member information for commercial purposes.

If you’re interested, contact us for more information.