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ACE winners

Year Gold Medal winners Silver Medal winners
2018 Chicago Area Mensa Charlotte/Blue Ridge Mensa
2017 Charlotte/Blue Ridge Mensa Orange County Mensa, St. Louis Area Mensa
2016 Charlotte/Blue Ridge Mensa, Chicago Area Mensa, Greater Los Angeles Area Mensa, Lone Star Mensa, Mensa Western Washington, St. Louis Mensa Dayton Area Mensa, Maryland Mensa
2015 No gold medals awarded Gulf Coast Mensa, St. Louis Area Mensa, Tucson Mensa
2014 Lehigh-Pocono Mensa, Memphis Mensa, Orange County Mensa Charlotte-Blue Ridge Mensa, Gulf Coast Mensa, Mensa of Western Washington, Northwest Florida Mensa, Tucson Mensa

ACE Award judging criteria is available online, and ACE Awards graphics are available to winning groups for download.