Local Group Jewels

An evolution of the Group of the Year Awards, begun in 1999, the Local Group Jewels recognize and reward Local Groups' membership-related activities and for their active participation in all that Mensa has to offer.

Points are earned for a variety of activities and accomplishments, earned by the group as a whole, including participation in Mind Games®, CultureQuest®, Mensa Testing Day and Leadership Development Workshops. Accordingly, the program awards points for participation in Mensa rather than winning other Mensa awards.

The achievement levels are, lowest to highest, the Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby awards. Each of the five chapters obtaining the highest points in individual Classes will be specifically recognized separately as the Diamond Group for that year.

Diamond Award graphic Ruby Award graphic Sapphire Award graphic Emerald Award graphic
(The Local Group Jewels judging criteria is available online,
and Jewel Award graphics are available to winning groups for download.)

Group Classification

  • Class I (jumbo size): 900+ members
  • Class II (large size): 400 to 899 members
  • Class III (intermediate size): 200 to 399 members
  • Class IV (medium size): 100 to 199 members
  • Class V (small size): below 100 members