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Local Group Jewels

The Local Group Jewels recognize and reward Local Groups’ membership-related activities and for their active participation in all that Mensa has to offer to positively impact the experience of the Local Group members.

Points are earned for a variety of activities and accomplishments, earned by the group as a whole, including participation in Mind Games®, CultureQuest®, Mensa Testing Day, and Leadership Development Workshops. Accordingly, the program awards points for participation in Mensa rather than winning other Mensa awards.

Points are collected throughout the fiscal year, which is April 1 through March 31. All awards will be presented at the Annual Gathering following the conclusion of that fiscal year.

The achievement levels are, lowest to highest: Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby awards. The Local Group with the highest amount of points in each class will be recognized with the Diamond award.

Below are the areas that a Local Group can receive points and how they can ensure they’re getting credit.

Jewel Awards graphics
(Winning groups can download graphics for the Jewels Awards.)

Group Classification and Breakpoints

Class Emerald Sapphire Ruby
I (1100+ members) 195 215 235
II (400-1099 members) 160 175 190
III (200-399 members) 130 145 160
IV (125-199 members) 95 105 115
V (fewer than 125 members) 80 90 100

Jewel Awards Criteria


It’s all about recognizing your Group for staying on top of administrative tasks and making sure that the National Office is aware of leadership changes in your Local Group.

Description Base Points Max Points
Reporting officer changes to the National Office 5 5
Timely submission of Annual Financial Report (due April 30) 5 5
Local Group website on file with the National Office.
    Contact us to update your Local Group profile.
3 3

Leadership Development Workshops

There are points for working on leadership training and making sure Local Group volunteers are aware of the latest programs and tools from the National Office, while learning how to meet and exceed members’ expectations.

Description Base Points Max Points
Member attendance at individual LDW sessions at a Regional Gathering or the Annual Gathering
    This is calculated through sign-in sheets provided to the National Office.
1 point/member attended 10
Member attendance at standalone LDW (no matter how many sessions) 5 50
    Bonus: Three members from same group attending event (AG, RG, or standalone) 5 5


Providing members with social opportunities is vital, as is transparent leadership and leadership training.

Description Base Points Max Points
Governance meeting with effective notice to members
    Business Meetings of the organization (ExComm, Board, Steering Committee)
1/month 12
Hosting a Regional Gathering 8 8
Hosting a standalone Leadership Development Workshop 8 8
Hosting Leadership Development Workshop sessions within another event 2 2


Members are paramount. Points can be earned for gaining new members and retaining the existing ones.

Description Base Points Max Points
Percentage of early renewals by Feb. 1
    Automatically calculated from database data.
1 point for each 10 percentage points, rounded up 10
Percentage of members renewed by March 31
    Automatically calculated from database data.
1 point for each 10 percentage points, rounded up 10
Membership growth percentage
    Automatically calculated from database data.
1 point for each percent, rounded up 10
Proctored test sessions
    Automatically calculated from test session recap forms.
3 points per session  
    Bonus: Points for each proctor who test twice or more during year 2  
    Bonus: Points for each unique location used for testing 5  
Participation in the Lapsed Member Contact program 5 5


Member surveys consistently show that the Local Group newsletter is one of the most valued benefits of being a Mensan. These items top the list for what members want to see.

Description Base Points Max Points
Activities calendar/listing 1 point/month 12
ExComm minutes 1 point/month 12
LocSec column 1 point/month 12
Member submissions 1 point/month 12
Officer Listing 1 point/month 12
RVC column 1 point/month 12
Treasurer’s report 1 point/quarter 4


A consistent infusion of new members, participation in different programs, and remaining active and involved at various volunteer levels — all positive signs of a strong chapter that is engaging members.

Description Base Points Max Points
CultureQuest 1 point/team 10
Foundational Scholarship Program participation 5 5
Mensa Testing Day participation 5 5
Mensa Cares! participation 5 5
AMC member (elected or appointed) 2 2
Local Group member serving on a national committee 1 point/person