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Gifted Youth Coordinator of the Year

First awarded in 2008, the Gifted Youth Program Award is given for superior service as a Gifted Youth Coordinator and contributing to the growth of programs or services for gifted youth and/or Young Mensans.

Examples of this include creating outstanding publications or writing outstanding articles related to gifted children; hosting a contest or workshop for Young Mensans, gifted youth, or their parents; and establishing a program, service, or scholarship for Young Mensans. Anyone positively affected by the work of a Gifted Youth Coordinator may submit a nomination.

Nominations for this award are accepted Nov. 1 through Feb. 20. Contact the National Gifted Youth Committee Chair for more information or to submit a nomination.

Gifted Youth Program Award Recipients

Recipient(s) Year
Micaela “Micki” Hawn 2019
Martha Williams, William M. Rock 2018
Raymond Richards 2017
Kristine Poptanich, Hope Wilson 2016
Christa Novelli, Belinda Torres-Mary 2015
Eric Szczerbinski 2014
Donna Campbell, Kathe Oliver 2012
Bill Rock 2011
David Bonner 2010
Elena Vega 2009
Teresa Manzella, Madeline Walker 2008