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Do you want to learn more about raising a gifted young person? Are you looking for teaching materials for the gifted? This list of resources will direct you to websites that offer information, support and educational materials for parents and teachers of gifted youth.

The BrightKids Facebook Group is also available for parents and educators of gifted youth. Group members discuss issues related to educating and raising gifted youth and exchange information and resources.

The links below are provided as an informational resources and in no way indicate an endorsement of or any particular partnership with any organization. American Mensa is not responsible for the content of any of the linked sites; this includes updates to or availability of linked sites and the accuracy, reliability or helpfulness of the information on these sites.

Learning about giftedness

Council for Exceptional Children
Davidson Institute for Talent Development
Educational Options, consulting and assessment in Minneapolis
ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
Gifted Child Quarterly
Gifted Development Center: assessment, counseling, consulting services and innovative materials in Denver
Advanced Development Journal: A Journal on Adult Giftedness
Hoagies' Gifted Education Page
NAGC, National Association for Gifted Children
SENG: Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted
Talent Development Resources (excellent resource on giftedness and talent throughout the age span by Mensan Douglas Eby)

Gifted programs and classes online math and science courses
Finding summer programs for gifted
Northwestern's Center for Talent Development
Parenting advice and gifted links
PG Retreat: an annual gathering organized by the families of profoundly gifted children
State resources for gifted
Super Saturday
University of MN, Institute of Technology, Center for Educational Programs
Yunasa Camp

The special needs of the gifted

Answering questions about ADD and ADHD
Help for parents of struggling teens
Autism Speaks

Materials for the gifted

The Mensa Foundation's Mensa for Kids website
Excellent source for books and materials
Excellent source for books on gifted
Math word problems
MIT free online courseware
Puzzles and games
The Critical Thinking Co.

Scholarships, grants and support

Mensa Foundation
Davidson Fellows Scholarship
The Early Entrance Foundation