Parent/Teacher resources

American Mensa and the Mensa Education & Research Foundation provide a number of resources in the support and education of gifted youth. Benefits specifically created for this cause include the following.

Bright enewsletter
Mensa for Kids' Bright enewsletter

Mensa For Kids' Bright! is the smartest monthly enewsletter for kids ages 6-10. Regular features include games of logic, math, spatial relations and word usage; science features; and activity ideas, programs and feature stories courtesy of the Mensa For Kids website and the Mensa Foundation.

Bright Kids on Pinterest
BrightKids on Pinterest

We share a number of resources for teachers, parents and gifted youth on our BrightKids Pinterest boards, created specially to highlight quality educational resources and fun activities.

Lesson and activity plans
Lesson plans

Parents and teachers will find many lesson plans geared to gifted youth on the Mensa For Kids website. The plans are developed at a number of grade levels at which gifted youth can complete the lessons without adult assistance. Additionally, there are educational activity plans appropriate for use in school-based programs, as well as in the home.

Mensa For Kids
Mensa for Kids website

The Mensa for Kids website features high-quality content and programs specifically designed for gifted youth, their parents, and teachers around the globe, regardless of Mensa affiliation. An outreach of the Mensa Foundation, Mensa for Kids encourages excellence in the service and education of intellectually gifted youth.


The Mensa Education & Research Foundation's college scholarship program bases its awards totally on essays written by the applicants.

TED® Connections
TED® Connections

Mensa for Kids' TED Connections are short, easy to use guides that help teachers, parents and youth use TED talks in a classroom or home setting. Rather than a lesson plan format, they have a list of discussion questions, all at higher levels of thinking.