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June 13, 2023
Notice of International Referendum Election 2023

The International Board of Directors (IBD) has decided to propose a series of changes
(amendments) to the Constitution of Mensa. In order to take effect, all changes to
the Constitution have to be approved by the membership in a referendum.

April 24, 2023
2023 Mensa Select® Winners Announced

After nearly four days of nonstop gameplay Mensa members have recognized 5 tabletop games with the coveted Mensa Select award.

May 1, 2022
2022 Mensa Select® Winners Announced

After nearly two days of nonstop gameplay Mensa members have recognized 5 tabletop games with the coveted Mensa Select award.

September 16, 2021
2021 Mensa Select® Winners Announced

After nearly four days of nonstop gameplay at Mensa’s 2021 World Gathering, American Mensa and Mensa members have recognized 10 tabletop games with the coveted Mensa Select award.

August 3, 2021
Mensa Foundation Honors Danielle Posthuma for Research Identifying Genes Correlated with Intelligence

Dr. Danielle Posthuma has been awarded the third Mensa Foundation Prize for her research directly identifying, for the first time, hundreds of human genes highly correlated to variations in intelligence.

April 8, 2021
Mensa Foundation Celebrates 50 Years of Unleashing Intelligence

The Mensa Education and Research Foundation is celebrating 50 years of fostering intelligent solutions to real-world problems. Five decades of service have touched many lives, from scholarship and award winners to educators and researchers to our generous and thoughtful donors.

September 30, 2020
American Mensa Celebrates Its Diamond Jubilee

American Mensa has been a so-called “genius society” for 60 years come this October. It seems like only yesterday when Mensa was on The Simpsons. And “genius society”? The truth is we’re just an ordinary membership organization whose members are extraordinary. At work or at play, we value intelligent pursuits.

June 24, 2019
New Jersey Educator Honored With Mensa Foundation Distinguished Teacher Award

Nominated by Mensa member Ingrid Bianca Byerly, Ms. Maull has taught students who became luminary musicians and educational influencers in Africa, Europe, Asia, and America. “She championed unique assets and tended individual challenges,” Ms. Byerly said.

June 12, 2019
USC Educator Honored by Mensa for Artificial Intelligence System Combating Human Trafficking

For only the second time, the accomplishments of a single nominee have earned that Mensan two Mensa Foundation awards. The Foundation is proud to recognize Dr. Mayank Kejriwal’s work using AI to identify and prevent sexual exploitation with both the 2019 Copper Black Award for Creative Achievement and Intellectual Benefits to Society Award.

June 10, 2019
New Jersey Educator Honored by Mensa for Impact on Curriculum, Programming, and Policy

Recognizing her work as a gifted and talented teacher in Washington Township, N.J., her service in both state and national associations for gifted children, and her ambition to provide an educational environment that fosters creativity and critical thinking, the Mensa Foundation is proud to award Lynne Henwood with its inaugural Gifted Education Fellowship.

May 14, 2019
Mensa Hosts Symposium on How Privacy Rights Intersect with Technology

Four esteemed digital privacy experts — a top legal scholar on internet surveillance and the Fourth Amendment, a leading digital civil liberties advocate, a data policy expert, and a journalist who focuses on law and technology — will speak at the Mensa Foundation’s 2019 Colloquium — Privacy in the 21st Century: Mystery or Myth.

April 16, 2019
Mensa Honors Aron K. Barbey for Brain Connectivity Research

Professor Aron K. Barbey has been awarded the second Mensa Foundation Prize for his innovative research and significant advancement of the neuroscience of brain connectivity.

April 14, 2019
2019 Mensa Select® Winners Announced

After nearly two days of nonstop gameplay, our Mensa Mind Games judges have selected the following titles to receive the official Mensa Select seal.

April 8, 2019
Mensa Welcomes Its First Robo-member

Artie is the first robot and only the third fictional character to receive an honorary Mensa membership card, joining Lisa Simpson and Mr. Peabody. As Robotics Week boots up, Artie shows the value of coding and creativity.

October 1, 2018
American Mensa Kicks Off Annual Membership Month October 1

The high IQ organization American Mensa kicks off its annual Membership Month today, celebrating its passionate member community and the anniversary of the organization’s founding on Sept. 30, 1960.

August 29, 2018
Nominations Open for $10,000 Mensa Foundation Prize for Creativity, Intelligence

The Mensa Foundation seeks nominees for its Foundation Prize, which rewards breakthroughs in the studies of intelligence and creativity. The award is presented biennially by Mensa’s philanthropic arm, the Mensa Education & Research Foundation, was endowed by the estate of Kenneth Douglas Thomson, and includes a $10,000 prize.

April 22, 2018
2018 Mensa Select® Winners Announced

300 Mensans persevered through 42 hours of nonstop tabletop gameplay, winnowing 64 new-to-market games to just these five — our 2018 Mensa Select winners.

January 17, 2018
Association Leader Named Mensa Executive Director

Trevor Mitchell has been appointed Executive Director of American Mensa, the largest of the worldwide Mensa affiliates with more than 50,000 members, 130 chapters, and special interest groups throughout the United States.

January 8, 2018
Mensa Foundation Announces New Board Trustees

The Mensa Education and Research Foundation announces the appointment of three new trustees to its Board of Directors: Jennifer Wise, Vicki Herd, and Keri Guilbault.

November 3, 2017
Mensa Foundation Honoree Named One of 'People' Magazine's "25 Women Who Are Changing the World"

Natalie Hampton, creator of the free Sit With Us app and recipient of the Mensa Foundation’s Copper Black award for creativity, has been recognized as one of People magazine’s “25 Women Who Are Changing the World in 2017.”