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Community Activities Program, 2004

The national Community Activities Program winners were announced during the awards presentation at the American Mensa Annual Gathering in Las Vegas.

Community Service

Delaware Valley Mensa

WHYY PBS Winter Fund Raiser
Members of Delaware Valley Mensa assisted the local public broadcasting TV station with raising funds. Twenty-six members helped raised more than $14,000 for the station.

Young Mensan

San Antonio Mensa

Operation Hometown Comfort
San Antonio’s teen members created care packages for injured U.S. soldiers hospitalized in Iraq.


Minnesota Mensa

Nova Classical Academy
The Nova Classical Academy is a new publicly chartered school with a classical curriculum model. Minnesota Mensa provided support to the Nova Classical Academy as it was forming.

Gifted Children

Minnesota Mensa

Kid's State Fair
Members of Minnesota Mensa designed and staffed a booth at the Minnesota State Fair. Mensa literature was given out and puzzle tables entertained fairgoers.