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Community Activities Program, 1999

The national Community Activities Program winners were announced during the awards presentation at the American Mensa Annual Gathering in Long Beach.

Community Service

Minnesota Mensa

State Fair booth
Almost 30 members staffed a booth for the duration of the Minnesota State Fair, providing information about Mensa, its scholarships and its gifted children programs; quizzes and games; membership applications; mini-tests; information on accessing the Internet and the Minnesota Mensa bulletin board; and about how to take tests, which was very well received by school children. More than 300,000 people passed by the booth, and many stopped to inquire about Mensa and its various outreach programs, scholarships and gifted children in particular.


Greater Columbus Mensa

Book donations for governor's educational program
One of Governor Bob Taft's initial goals upon taking office was to provide books donated by the public to every school in Ohio and have them distributed a short time after his inauguration. Greater Columbus Mensa obtained books from various sources — their own books, books from friends in their school system, books from other people where they worked and books donated by Highlights for Children, which is located in Columbus. In five days they collected more than 2,300 books, more than enough to provide a book to every school in Ohio, compliments of Governor Taft and Greater Columbus Mensa.

Gifted Children

North Alabama Mensa

Kids Trek
The group sponsored a series of events for children, including Inventor Day, where young inventors were recognized and honored; The Gift of GAB (General Articulate Basics), which recognized and encouraged children's public speaking talents; Chemistry Night for all children accompanied by adults interested in exploring the mysteries of the universe; Mensa Brain Games, where children were challenged by various games of logical thinking; and Gifted Heart, which celebrated the interpersonal talents of children. Other activities include programs on architecture, creative writing, astronomy and cultural celebrations. Twenty members of North Alabama Mensa participated in this outstanding program, which citizens of the Huntsville area looked forward to and spoke about with pride.