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Tensions in an Accelerating World

If you feel like the pace of life is speeding up, that news, information and new technologies are moving faster and faster, you’re not alone. A new global survey on financial, political and social issues reveals future-shaping divides.

By Robert Moran • Art by Paula Wilson-Caziér
Backstage at the Bee

You are more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to make the finals of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. That’s reality for the approximately 11 million students who have participated this year at some level in the annual spelling challenge. Staggering odds, sure, but my student beat them more than once.

By Deb Gribben
Democratize Disaster Response Decisions

Without inclusive planning, society’s most vulnerable remain most at risk, expert says

By Chip Taulbee
Building Our Emotionally Intelligent Future

How will the development of affective computing and artificial emotional intelligence transform our relationship with technology?

By Richard Yonck • Illustrations by Michael McKenzie
Potluck Supper

The annual Potluck Exhibit Social was Mrs. Rose Marie Charlotte Pelman's time to shine. But for her husband, Roy? Not so much.

By Fran Dupont • Illustration by Cherie Fruehan
Gay Coding in Hitchcock Films

In typical Hitchcock-ian fashion, the “Master of Suspense” often employed in his films subtle references to gay culture, defying conservative attitudes of the late '50s.

By Scott Badman & Connie Russell Hosier
My Digital Memory

After sustaining a traumatic brain injury in an auto accident, Thomas Dixon was forced to record new experiences, one tweet at a time, lest he forget about them forever.

By Thomas Dixon • Illustrations by Tim Ogline