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American Mensa’s website receives more than 150,000 visitors each month. As our primary recruiting vehicle, this site attracts many prospective members as well as members who return for information, interaction and organizational news.

Fact sheet*

Total page views per month: 18,000,000
Total visitors per month: 360,000
Average page views per day: 98,000
Average visitors per day: 11,000
Average length of visit: 2 minutes

Audience demographics

Male: 65%
Female: 35%
Homeland (2001-present): 0.97%
Millennial (1982-2000): 9.13%
Gen X (1961-1981): 38.63%
Baby Boomer (1943-1960): 38.43%
Silent (1925-1942): 9.10%
Postgraduate: 46.9%
College graduate: 39.2%
High school graduate: 11.2%
Current K-12 student: 2.7%

Our website offers public areas that include information on joining Mensa, games and resources for parents of gifted youth. Members-only areas include forums and chat, an online version of the Mensa Bulletin and resources for local leaders.

Web traffic is worldwide from almost 200 countries and all 50 states with high concentrations in California, New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois and Colorado.

Sponsorship opportunities

Games page: Provides public access to a variety of games that challenge all skill levels. Repeat visitors expect Mensa to provide fun and games.

Member directory: This members-only section allows members to connect with one another.

Newsletter section: Our newsletter manager gives all 134 local chapters a central location to which to upload their newsletters. All members will be able to download these award-winning publications without having to pay subscription fees or wait on the mail.

Forums: This popular member benefit is open to Mensa members in the U.S. and around the globe. It is a virtual gathering for Mensans!